A villain published by DC Comics. Captain Cold first appeared in Showcase #8 in 1957.

Lenord Snart (Len to his friends) was a small time hood who had dreams of a great criminal career. The problem was that Snart lived in Central City, the home of the Scarlet Speedster, The Flash. Realizing that any criminal activities he attempted with the Flash still active would inevitably lead to a lengthy prison sentence, Snart realized that his only hope of criminal success involved the removal of the Fastest Man Alive.

To this end, Snart stole the work of one of Central City's leading scientific minds, a paper which hypothesized that the effects of a cyclotron might hamper the Flash's powers. Snart then broke into a local laboratory which had a cyclotron, and accidently exposed a ray gun to the radiation from the cyclotron. The result was that Snart's gun possessed the ability to reduce the molecular motion of substances to near non-existence or to put it another way freeze them to absolute zero. Snart (who for a small time criminal possessed an amazing scientific knowledge considering he could construct a ray gun, operate a cyclotron, and understand the complexities of nuclear physics) decided to take his new discovery and become a criminal, rather than turning over his discovery to the Nobel committee and making a mint off of the invention royalties and the big fat government research grants he would have been given. Designing a costume with an arctic theme, Snart began a crime spree as Captain Cold.

Captain Cold became one of the Flash's most persistent foes. He and the Flash clashed on many occasions and he was one of the founding members of the Rogues Gallery. Captain Cold's sister used part of his technology to attempt to gain revenge against the Flash for the death of her boyfriend, the Top. She did this under the identity of the Golden Glider.

After the death of Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash, the members of the Rogues Gallery retired. Recently, Captain Cold along with the other members of the Rogues Gallery were approached by Abra Kadabra and offered immense powers. They accepted and were killed by the demon Neron who brought them back to life as soul-less killers with great power in an attempt to entrap the new Flash Wally West. West eventually defeated Neron and got him to return the Rogues Gallery to normal.

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