The Capitol Steps are a political satire comedy troupe based out of Washington, D.C.. Claiming that they are "the only group in Washington trying to be more funny than Congress", the group combines parody with original material poking fun at the foibles of politics and pop culture

The group was founded in 1981 when staffers for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee were asked to provide entertainment for the committees' Christmas party. Founding members Bill Strauss, Elaina Newport, and Jim Aidala took the topics of the day, and set lyrics to popular tunes, and the parody group was born.

In 2001, the group released it's twenty first collection of songs and sounds called "One Bush, Two Bush, Old Bush, New Bush", including the songs covering the 2000 elections, and other group hits. Other albums from the group include "It's Not Over 'Til The First Lady Sings", "First Lady And The Tramp", "A Whole Newt World", "Fools On The Hill", "We Arm The World", and their original album "The Capitol Steps Live".

In addition to their albums, the group tours the country, culminating with their "Politics Takes A Holiday" series of four special broadcast concerts each year on New Year's Eve, Halloween, the 4th of July, and April Fools' Day.

Surgeon General's Warning: The Capitol Steps will cause your sides to split. -C. Everett Koop, 1/6/89

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