Very nice Islay whisky. The bottles are cool, too, with all those doves.
However, the content changes rather frequently in taste and quality.

Caol Ila, pronounced CULL EE-la, is a brand of malt whiskey from Scotland. The name translates to the Sound of Islay.

The distillery's source is the Loch Nam Ban, a lake which flows into a small waterfall. The distillery is comprised of six large stills, making it the largest on Islay. The drink produced thereof is a slightly smoky whiskey.

The distillery was established in 1846 by the Glasgow businessman, Hector Henderson, and then comprised of only two stills. It is hidden 20km northeast of the town of Bowmore, in the recesses of a cove near Port Askaig overlooking the eponymous Sound of Islay, and the Paps of the island of Jura.

1846: Distillery built
1857: Purchased by Bulloch Lade & Co
1927: Taken over by The Distillers Company Limited
1972: Torn down
1974: Rebuilt in the old-style

Caol Ila is a group of musicians, founded by Caol M. Ritchie, who play Scottish folk music, and are "dedicated to the continuance and preservance of Scottish culture".

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