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Hi !

I am not sure what this is about, just dropped in from slashdot on a rainy saturday whith nothing else to do.

Lets see... the next thing I will do is visiting r00tshell Ok, so this is not how it works, cannot put a hypertext link into the. writeup.

But I have seen that people give some information about themselves here, I will do the same:

I am Austrian, 24 years old. I have started studying mathematics six years ago but currently it looks like it will take some more time I get the final exams. About two years ago i started working as frre lancing un*x syetem-administrator, now i am mostly employed by an austrian mobile-provider supporting their mobile pre-paid product.
Currently i am in switzerland with another mo.bile-provider that also wanted to launch a prepaid-product.
i like perl (and think it fits quite nicely the concept of idea), linux of course and unix in general.