Husker Du's first major label effort, released on Warner Brothers Records in 1986. It was produced by songwriters Bob Mould and Grant Hart. The musicians are the aforementioned Mould and Hart on guitar and drums respectively. Both of them also played synths and sang. Greg Norton kept them steady with bass.

This album provides two of the three times the Husker's would use an acoustic guitar as a primary instrument. That instrument is central to the tracks Too Far Down and Hardly Getting Over It. The only other time in their back catalog they used an acoustic prominently was on Zen Arcade's Never Talking To You Again. This was also the only album on which the boys would sprinkle keyboards into the mix.

  1. Crystal (Mould)
  2. Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely (Hart)
  3. I Don't Know For Sure (Mould)
  4. Sorry Somehow (Hart)
  5. Too Far Down (Mould)
  6. Hardly Getting Over It (Mould)
  7. Dead Set On Destruction (Hart)
  8. Eiffel Tower High (Mould)
  9. No Promise Have I Made (Hart)
  10. All This I've Done For You (Mould)
This album contains two of Grant's finest tracks in Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely and Sorry Somehow, two awesome breakup anthems. Mould also seems to be dealing with his depression outright here, on Too Far Down.

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