Canada Dry also makes Club Soda and Tonic Water. And that's about it. However, in the past (1940s-1960s), Canada Dry made a whole bunch of tasty beverages, including "Spur Cola" as well as Orange, "Hi-Spot" Lemon, Root Beer, and Black Cherry flavoured drinks. Later, in the 1990s, they made and then stopped making Raspberry Ginger Ale. (Yes, "flavour" -- it is Canada after all).

Canada Dry has the most deliciously "dry" and gingery ginger ale that's broadly commercially available. However, their Tonic Water is oddly far sweeter than, say, Schweppes.

Canada Dry was founded in 1890 by a bloke named John J. McLaughlin, starting a factory to produce "Belfast-style" (pale and dry) ginger ale. The plant in Toronto changed its name to "Canada Dry" in 1907.

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