You're on the plane back home, almost time to land. The plane has been cruising at what looks like three hundred feet or so for about fifteen minutes now. At this speed the plane starts to heave and shudder. You feel your lunch sloshing around. Your inner ear is doing the watoosie. Your eyes are seeing the interior of the cabin, but your brain says you're swaying and rolling, left to right, left to right, LEFT... TO RIGHT... Oh god... BLLEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!

Yes, we all get nauseous sometimes. But if you can't prevent it with otc's like Dramamine, and you don't have access to simple home remedies like Canada Dry, (ginger settles the stomach) or Coke (quick carbs and fizziness can ease an upset stomach), then you should find your nausea pressure point, and press on it. The nausea pressure point is located three fingers from the line of your wrist, on the thumb side of the metacarpal tendons. With your right palm facing you, place three fingers on your wrist, the ring finger on the line of the wrist. This places your index finger right on the pressure point. Press good and hard, you need to send the signal to the brain to block the nausea signal.

The other thing that helps is to visualize the color blue, but light blue, like a robin's egg, or the sky. Also, if you can, get some fresh air, breathe deeply and slowly, get a cold washcloth on your forehead, and lie down, or any combination of these that you can, given your situation. There there!

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