Loiosh likes to eat things. This is rather understandable.

First realize that the Jhereg are best described as a small, poisonous, flying, snake-like dragon with the intellect of a human. Much to their dismay (and constant ribbing from Vlad) they do not have opposable thumbs. This is probably a good thing. Their culinary habits are much more close to that of a vulture or jackal than a snake or a dragon. It helps get an image of the little guy.

Loiosh paticularly likes (or dislikes) cats. It is probably not coincidence that Vlad Taltos's grandfather (and tutor in witchcraft) has a familiar that is a cat. One of the requests that Loiosh has made is for some catnip. It is suspected that it has no effect upon Loiosh, however he finds it useful as bait.

One has to wonder if the real world parrot who watches over Steven Brust's daughter who is named after the Jhereg (or vice versa?) says similar things.

Loiosh's requests are often responded to with a simple "Shut up Loiosh"

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