Calzidul Part One by Wolfang

In the days before time, when all was mist, floating in the haloed universe, it was then that the bonds of creation formed, and all was one. In this oneness came the world, and it's many heavens vaulted to the highest reaches of being. Unto this the great power made the things of the world, and the animals, plants and thoughts arrived. All was again a thing of truth. Unto this the great power then brought humans, and their brains became enraptured with creation. It was then in the High Age that Humans did create the beings of the planent not of themselves. And through all of this all was one. There was not male nor female, but one being, one sex. But there was a schism at the highest order of thought, and we knew we were two in one, and we became two.

As we learned our new boundaries, we felt we had once been one, but now we were two and we were so saddened by our fall into twoness that we destroyed our creations. Down toppled the highest creations of the High Age. All our towers, all our statues of beauty fell, and time became their funeral. The peoples of the Earth spread across the planent, desiring to no more see their disease. And with time we forgot. We forgot our past oneness, though we felt it deep inside. Man, if he was quiet, felt he could be woman. Woman, if she was quiet, felt she could be man. In the bond of man and woman we tried desperately to come into oneness again.

And time slept, and we forgot more and more, though we still knew, for you cannot unknow this. Ages of men came and went, and the great monoliths of the past became dust.

Chapter One

In the land of Calzidul death came. He swept in with an iron scythe, his plague upon the peoples created havoc, and the disease spread. Not even the great healers or magicians could find a cure, for this plauge was not of the world. It was a disease of heaven, a cosmic power. This the priests cried out in the streets, and they plucked their eyes out with grief so they could not see the suffering anymore. They screamed, and the people bled. Even the king became mad. He ran to the highest tower in his castle, and there he cast his eyes from his head and threw them out. When they hit the ground people ran quickly to them to get bits and pieces of his eyes as totems. The King cried for the killing of the priests, for it was their new religion that had brought death to their land. The people captured the blinded priests and led them to their temple. Upon their altars where they had preached their religion each was slain. Their blood ran down the altar and unto the masses gather, and all were soaked with the blood of the holy. The peoples took the blood and covered their naked bodies with it, and an orgy was performed in this temple in the blood of the religious to purify themselves.

Calzidul seemed saved, death was averted and the people engourged themselves upon their pagan beliefs. Sex was practiced ritualistically as it was before the new religion came. Quickly all forgot the devil priests and all became pagan again.

The Templars of the Order of the Raven heard of these heaven peoples of Calzidul, and they armed themselves and rode across the two seas and three deserts and two mountain ranges to Calzidul. Once there they brought their plauge of belief upon the great people of Calzidul, they killed man woman and child for their beliefs and brought the great towers of the cities of Calzidul to the ground. All this in the name of their evil religion. Only one city was left, the greatest, Ouilin, and the great magicians, the Arch Magi came together to decide how to cast out this disease of humanity from their kingdom. And to them came the great Hero Althur. He told them how the Order of the Raven burned his home Raislin. And he told them how they could cast them out.

So the city lay under siege. Althur came out of the great Gates, and to the Order did he walk. They laughed and tried to strike him but no blow would fall upon his body. Their laughs turned to horror as he slowly beheaded each one of the Order. They tried to run but it was as if a shield covered them all and none could escape. Althur soaked the earth with blood, and he spared not a one of the evil people. And the head master of the order was captured. He was brought to the tower of the magi. They put spells upon him so he could not use his magic on them. They then slowly took off his flesh. First they flayed his feet until no skin was there. His screams filled the entire city as they did this. Then they used powders to slowly eat his skin and flesh. They put this upon his eyes and as he was slowly blinded he screamed even more. It took him a week for the powders to kill him and his rotted head was sent to the orders homeland as a warning to the people of the new religion.

The people of Calzidul were closer to the old truth than the people in the West who preached their new religions. These people in Calzidul knew that once they were one, for it was told so in their oldest book in the Tower of the Magi. It was the greatest dream of many in Calzidul to travel to the old land from where they were from, and see the ruined towers of the High Age. Althur desired this greatly. And so one day he decided to travel north to the old lands, for in the oldest book it was said that in the North lay the great ruined towers of the High Age. And it was on the day of 1239 he set off. Many cried, but they yelled out as he walked along the bulivard that if he did not return they would see him in another life, and he waved and cried out the same thing. With a heavy heart the peoples of Calzidul watched Him go.

Continued in Calzidul Part Two if this is succesful.

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