Calpis Water and Calpis Soda are both manufactured by Calpis Co. in Japan. It can be found in Japanese Vending Machines everywhere; and in Asian Markets all over the world.

Calpis Co. signature products have a simular taste profile of a sort of fruity, refreshing, yogurt. But do not let the yogurt part disturb you, it is actually quite good on a hot summer day! Calpis Soda differs from Calpis Water in that the former is carbonated, and can also be found in a diet form. What I find most odd about this product is that even though it contains yogurt solids, nothing ever seems to settle to the bottom.

Their American launch failed most probably because of their name, which sounds like, "cow piss." Yet another example of poor Japanese marketing, just like the ill-fated American launch of the Pocari Sweat line of sports drinks.

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