Call Detail Recording(CDR) is a software program that allows a employer to see what phone numbers their employees have been dialing. CDR will also give out a variety of other information, such as volume of calls in and out, whether the call is long distance or local, and if the correct rates have been entered, the total cost of these calls. Whne you purchase a CDR suite this is usually what you get:

  • The CDR software.
  • A cable (to plug into your PBX or key system).
  • A adapter card for your PC so it can understand the gibbersh the PBX or key system pumps out.
  • Documentation (manuals, the sign your life away agreement to use the software, and so forth).

CDR can be useful. Places like schools, prisons, goverment bulidings and those odious telemarketing firms need to know who has been using or abusing their telephone lines. CDR is often touted as a money saving device, but that usually only applies to larger companies.

Almost any PBX has the capability to have CDR added on, but for key systems be careful, not all of them will support a CDR link. As for hybrid systems, most support CDR (some examples of hybrid systems are the Nortel Norstar and the NEC 2000) but some may not.

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