A lotion made to stop itching and aid in the healing process of rashes, poison ivy, chicken pocks, etc. Usually a mild pink color, like Peptobismol (but I don't suggest drinking it). But as for the more fun definition....
Music Soothing to Skin Diseases!!!
A self proclaimed "Indy-Pop" quartet made up of three guys (Dan Crane -guitar/vocals, Dave Jargowsky - drums, Jack Campbell - bass) and a girl (Julie Stepanek - vocals, a very cute 5 foot tall red head) . Their most famous performance is probably the Sealab 2021 theme (even though almost no one knows they did it).

Coming from New York City, the group formed as the result of Julie's placing an ad in the local paper looking for a female bassist (which is mildly perplexing, when one realizes that the first person to answer the ad was Dan who is neither a bassist nor female) in 1997. Julie and Dann both take part in the songwriting, while the bassist and drummer... well, play bass and drums.

A fairly decent blend of musical genres, Julie's writings are more "heart on your sleeve" style (as she puts it) and Dan's are more intelligent (you know, with irony and shit like that). Their songs aren't always very deep (one of them is about skinning one's knees in a bike wreck). As for future plans of the band, Dave keeps mentioning world domination, but not much else is known.

I'd have a proper discography here if I could find one. There will be one at some point, I promise...

Cal"a*mine (?), n. [F. calamine, LL. calamina, fr. L. Cabmia. See Cadmia.] min.

A mineral, the hydrous silicate of zinc.

The name was formerly applied to both the carbonate and silicate of zinc each of which is valuable as an ore; but it is now usually restricted to the latter, the former being called smithsonite.


© Webster 1913.

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