Stands for Classification, Queuing, and Scheduling in reference to the steps that need to be taken in order to provide a basic level of Quality of Service for packet-based networks.

A good analogy can be found in Grenville Armitage's book Quality of Service in IP Networks of an airport check-in system:

The arrival of passengers for check-in is a bursty process, typically peaking during the the hour before a flight's departure time. Most of us are very farmiliar with the queues that build up during the sudden arrival of group of passengers...The airlines typically like to provide expedited check-in service to their premium customers (for example, first-class passengers...).

Thus, passengers are classified, queued, and scheduled for delivery in an airport check-in system. Here is a diagram of the process:

  Classify        Queue         Schedule

      Ticket      First Class Check-In
 o <--Holders         |-----| 
   o            ----->|     | o
  o    -----> ()\ /   |-----|  \
     o           X              \
 o  o  -----> ()/ \   |-----|    () -----> The Plane
             /  ----->|     | o
   o     Airline      |     | o <--- Airline Counter Person
         /Agents      |-----|
 "May I see your    Coach Check-In
  ticket please?"

The steps are:

As a word of advice, do not scream "I HAVE A BOMB!" as it will adversely affect your QoS.

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