Broadway musical by Lorenz Hart (lyrics) and Richard Rodgers (music).
Based on the play "The Warrior's Husband."
Starred Ray Bolger and Constance Moore.
Ran for 427 performances.

Greek warriors set out to regain the sacred girdle of Diana, stolen by the queen of the Amazons. They arrive to find that women rule and fight while the men mind the children and buy new hats. The Greeks are taken before the female council, who are initially unaffected by the notion of male equality. By the end of two acts, everyone is in love.

Musical Numbers:
1. For Jupiter and Greece
2. Jupiter Forbid
3. Life with Father
4. Nobody's Heart
5. The Gateway of the Temple of Minerva
6. Here's a Hand
7. No, Mother, No
8. The Boy I Left Behind Me
9. Ev'rything I've Got
10. Bottom's Up
11. Careless Rhapsody
12. Wait Till You See Her (dropped from program after April 25, 1943)
13. Now That I've Got My Strength
14. Fools Meet Fools (dropped before New York opening)
15. Life Was Monotonous (dropped before New York opening)
16. Nothing to do but Relax (dropped before New York opening)

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