Full name Butz Klauser. He's the protagonist of Final Fantasy V, an SNES game originally only released in Japan (although it was ported to the PSX via Final Fantasy Anthology). Prior to the events of FF5, Butz traveled the world with his chocobo (creatively named "Boco"), seeking fortune and adventure. He was an orphan, and wanted to know more about his parents, Dorgan Klauser and Stella Klauser. His birthplace was the town of Lix.

Unlike some later Final Fantasy heroes (see: Cloud, Squall), Butz was rather friendly and easygoing. He never really had an emotional complex, or for that matter any of a thousand stereotypical Final Fantasy hero plot devices. Most RPG heroes have the personality of a cardboard box or a psychopath, but Butz was one of a very few with a normal (okay, semi-normal) human's mind. Even if he suffered from a bit of acrophobia.

As for his uses in the game, Butz is fairly versatile; like most RPG male leads, he's exceptional at attacking and still quite good with magic He can develop any real way you want him to, depending on what kind of class you pick. Most people prefer to use him as a Knight, that fitting in with the image and all, but it's really up to the player how they want to use him. Actually, I don't really recommend mage. He's not exactly a born magic user, in honesty.

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