The Burgenland is the Easternmost of the nine Bundesländer (states) of Austria. With only 277.569 inhabitants on 3.966km² it is the country's less populated federal state. Until 1920 (when Austria and Hungary where still one country) it was considered to be part of Hungary, after the peace treaties of St. Germain and Trianon it was attached to Austria, except the region around the city of Sopron, which was at that time planned to be the capital of the new state.

The Burgenland borders the provinces Lower Austria in the North and Styria in the West, as well as the countries Slovakia, Hungary (366km) and Slovenia (from North to South). The population is very multicultural, there are 29.000 Croats, 5.000 Hungarians and also several uncounted groups of Roma. The state itself has always been economically underdeveloped (it is target 1 area for EU-subsidies), therefore many inhabitants work in the Austrian capital Vienna. The emigration rate is also very high, cities like Vienna or Chicago (!) have a bigger number of inhabitants deriving from the Burgenland than the capital Eisenstadt.

All postal codes for the Burgenland (Austrian postal codes consist of four digits) start with the digit 7. It is politically divided into two cities and seven districts:

The province is mainly famous for tourism (the Neusiedler See (Neusiedl Lake), being intersected by the border with Hungary is also designated "the sea of the Viennese") and viniculture (Riesling, Chardonnay, Zweigelt, Veltliner, Rosé and Eiswein/Ice Wine).

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