Center stage of many of Matt Howarth's
comics (Those annoying Post Bros,
Savage Henry), a post- (or intra?)
nuclear city whose natives die only to regenerate, and shift
between realities at will. Also home
of the Bulldaggers.

Bugtown is the former name of Caldwell, Idaho. Bugtown was an appropriate name, as anyone that has ever lived there can attest to the ungodly amount of insects that dwell within the town. Was a possible candidate for the Capitol city, but obviously lost to Boise.

Bugtown is a place where no-one stays dead and everyone is born with the ability to Shift (move between different dimensions) this is the city where anarchy reigns. Home to Those Annoying Post Bros., the BullDaggers, and Nuclear Goddess Hiroshima it is an interesting place to visit (as long as you don't mind pain).

This is also the home of Frequency One and its propriator Professor Ed. The publishers of the BullDaggers and maintainers of all the levels of reality.

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