A comic about Ron and Russ Post created by Matt Howarth. These are two very dangerous, dimension travelling psychotics from Bugtown. "The Universe is their oyster, and they like it raw".

They had appeared in several self published comics from Howarth before their first big time gig in the stories "Changes" in the early Heavy Metal. They were also in such classics as the "Fire Shrine" trilogy and "WRAB Pirate TV" before they graduated to their own "Those Annoying Post Bros." comic book (starting with the the Loot Trilogy in 4 parts).

They are old friends with Savage Henry and the other members of the BullDaggers. A band with members as diverse as Conrad Schnitzler of Tangerine Dream and elder god C'Thulu.

If you like your mayhem with lots of blood, guns, and no morality then I suggest you look into this.

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