Bruno Sanfilippo is a musician and producer from Argentina. He was born in Buenos Aires in 1965.

He later moved to Barcelona, Spain. He became a Music Professor in 1988, and he started producing music around 1991, focusing on ambient music, involving piano and electronic soundscapes. He founded ad21music in 1998.

Bruno has had collaborations on projects with Byron Metcalf, Mathias Grassow, Max Corbacho and Alio Die.

A description of his music, according to the site Discogs:
"The intention of his contemplative music is to transmit something other than emotional stimulus or simple entertainment. It implies a search through different things: the amazing, the magical and the deep. There is no thing in dreams that is too absurd or too strange, and Bruno's  music comes from that source."

*Official website
*Description at Discogs

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