The Grand Canyon, in northern Arizona, United States, has a tributary canyon called the Bright Angel Canyon. That canyon was formed by a river bearing down into the weak spot created by the Bright Angel Fault. The strata on either side of the Bright Angel Fault are offset by more than a hundred feet.

There is a trail up the canyon. The trail is accessible to tourists, mules, boa constrictors, puppies, hogs, and whatever else may happen to wander by.

It is a beautiful name. Shame about all the gratuitous adjectives up there.

I'd like to note, by the way, that Lucifer is from the Latin for "light-bringer"; Lucifer was among the chiefest of God's angels before he got out of line with the "non serviam" riff. So we do have a "bright angel", literally speaking, to refer to.

ailie offers "morning star" as another association with Lucifer; Byzantine translates it as "light carrier". That resonates nicely with his role in the Biblical Fall from Eden, because that role roughly parallels the Greek myth of Prometheus. Prometheus brought fire, didn't he?

ansate concurs with "light-bringer", and offers this: "luciferin is a really neat compound used in bioluminescent organisms".

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