An album composed by Binary (Mark Crumby) in 1998. As the inlay card says, "No musical instruments were used on these recordings. Sound sources come from everyday objects and found sounds manipulated digitally".

While the sounds were first sampled from household objects, voices and a pornographic video, they have been though a lot of digital manipulation. You can hear the cutoff of a sampler being used extensively in some points as well as the samples being played in very quick succession in the way that IDM songs are famous for. It sounds very unique, but not very much like household objects. The concept is very impressive but arguably, samplers are musical instruments.

This is a very interesting album for fans of the IDM genre though, and the song Happy sounds very reminiscent of Aphex Twin's Donkey Rhubarb in particular, making the album accessible to people who already like that style.

The obligatory track listing is:

  1. Kinam
  2. ZYX
  3. The Ballad of Pam & Tommy I
  4. Every Word I Ever Spoke
  5. Silk Code
  6. Synapse
  7. Happy
  8. The Ballad of Pam & Tommy II
  9. Ellipse
  10. A Secret Hurt
  11. The Ballad of Pam & Tommy III
  12. Infinite Perpetual
  13. S/A/D

You can buy the album from Burning Shed in the UK (Which is where I got mine from) and Syntactic (Which appears to have a slightly different track listing).

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