An intersection in Cambridge, MA on the outskirts of Harvard Square. Found in Brattle Square are Wordsworth Booksellers (a very good independent bookstore with low prices), the Brattle Square Cinema, which shows classic movies and has literary readings, a shell of a cafe called Warburton's which is now just a front for another Au Bon Pain, a Bertucci's pizza (a little pricy, but really, really tasty - and the rolls are fantastic), and during the summer, street performers. The open sidewalk near the secondary entrance to the Harvard square MBTA stop is one of the Cambridge street performers' hottest location. When a friend of mine used to juggle & unicycle there, he often had to stake out the spot early in the morning just to ensure that he'd be able to perform there at night. A bunch of small clothing stores that look suspiciously like overpriced boutiques are also to be found in Brattle Sq, but I don't know much about them.

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