The Braillenote is a PDA for the blind made by Pulse Data International of New Zealand. It has a built-in word processor, diary, address book scientific calculator and the ability to send and receive e-mail although it has no internet capabilities beyond that.

The Braillenote comes standard with a 133MHZ CPU, 8MB of ram upgradable to 48MB, a type II pcmcia slot, a built-in 33.6KB modem and an 18 or 32 cell refreshable braille display. On the software side, Braillenote runs the Windows CE 2.1 operating system and the Keysoft personal productivity suite from Pulse Data.

It has a price tag of between $3799 and $5499, depending on what options you get. Despite the somewhat outrageous price, it does have the most comprehensive feature set of any PDAs for the blind.

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