The Bronchial Stun, Throat Cut is a technique described in the US Army combatives handbook as mainly a tool for sentry removal. One of the most striking things about this handbook was the paragraph describing how to approach a sentry -

it is important not to stare at the enemy because he may sense the stalker's presence through a sixth sense...

This is actually published in a government document.

The move

This particular move hinges on the soldier's ability to explode with every bit of energy and mental focus and be able to snap right back out of it as soon as the enemy is disabled.

When the enemy is within striking distance, using a hammer-fist or the butt of the weapon, strike the enemy on the side of the neck, where a bundle of nerves passes. The average person in good shape will be stunned for 3-7 seconds. As the enemy loses footing, guide his fall to the ground in the opposite direction of the weapon hand. Twist the enemies head in the direction of the fall and use the direction of the fall to aid you in drawing the full edge of the blade across the enemies throat, away from the direction of the fall.

Note: "Some sounds are emitted from the exposed trachea, but the throat can be cut before the sentry can recover from the effect of the stunning strike and cry out."

It is also suggested that this particular soldier be given some "personal time" to recover from the barbaric act just described. Maybe a little R&R is in order.

Source: FM 3-25.150

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