Album: Box Frenzy
Artist: Pop Will Eat Itself
Label: Chapter 22 Records
Year: 1987
Rating: 3/5
Summary: Silly yet catchy eighties music.

After spending a few years writing catchy but short songs featuring the standard electric guitar and acoustic drum setup of rock'n'roll, Pop Will Eat Itself swapped their drum kit for a drum machine and completely changed their style in time for their debut album, the appropriately named Box Frenzy.

The album's sound is very late eighties, with a digital drum machine and the TR-808 creating the bass heavy rhythms and a sampler providing snippets of various eighties pop songs, while the vocals are more often rapped than sung.

The group clearly didn't take themselves too seriously, which is reflected in this fun, silly album. Even when a lyric borders on being slightly offensive, I can't help but let the band off on the grounds that the lyrics are so tongue-in-cheek that they'll make all but the most jaded listener laugh.

Compared to their next album, This Is the Day... This Is the Hour... This Is This!, Box Frenzy sounds simple and amateur, but it's so charming and catchy that you'll at least end up humming a few of its tunes.

Most of the tracks are love songs, albeit love songs written by juvenile men who sound afraid of commitment. While they didn't exactly win any awards, the mixture of humourous lyrics, regular pop structures and genuinely catchy tunes earns this album a place on my shelf. Anyone who writes a rap duet with the lines "She likes to get down, she likes to get dirty, we like to fool around like Pinky and Perky" is all right in my book.

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