Borealis is a small company that makes excellent backpacks, totes and camping gear. They are most famous for their backpacks, which were originally hand-sewn, and still bear a true lifetime guarantee. If anything comes unsewed or broken, mail your pack to them and they will repair it. I know people who have 30-year-old Borealis packs. I personally own a maroon backpack of theirs, and although it's only a year old, it's been all over Asia (and my hellish campus) and still looks mostly new.

Their logo is a stylized burst of rays; old packs have it multicolored but the current logo is monochromatic. Borealis was founded in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 196?, appropriate because of the large college student, hiking, and granola-munching population, but it did so well that they went national and relocated to Colorado in the 1990s. They operate chiefly by mail order, with one outlet in Colorado and one in Fayetteville--it's this kind of loyalty and good-naturedness that made them local business heroes of the Ben and Jerry's type. (The day I bought mine, phone lines were down all over the state. I had to leave my credit card number with them so it could be rung up the next day. When I came back, they took $15 off the price because of the delay. Good folks.)

I thought Borealis had a web site, but I can't find the stupid thing.

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