"They just said 'Fine, go and do it' and that was it," -Tim Booth

After years of trying to combine their efforts, Tim Booth, best known as the lead singer of the critically-acclaimed band James, and Angelo Badalamenti, the composer of many ethereal soundtracks including David Lynch's "Blue Velvet," "Twin Peaks" and "Wild at Heart," finally collaborate and bring us Booth and The Bad Angel. This is a brilliant album with amazing instrumentation and backing, that I stumbled across by accident in a second-hand store.

Angelo's non-rock, non-pop, non-alternative way of thinking brings an amazing element to this alternative rock album. One would think that the colaberation between two artists of Tim and Angelo's ilk would produce either an odd compromise, or some queer artistic layered piece. The result, however, is something very listenable and not overly complex. The speed and feel of each song is quite different, using different styles for the instrumentation -- even using a soprano throughout some tracks, alongside rythmic bass, some acoustic guitar, and occasional distorted guitar.
  1. I Believe
  2. The Dance Of The Bad Angels
  3. Hit Parade
  4. Fall In Love With Me
  5. Old Ways
  6. Life Gets Better
  7. Heart
  8. Rising
  9. Butterfly's Dream
  10. Stranger
  11. Hands In The Rain
Pictures, videos and sound clips are available from the official web site: http://james.wattyco.com/boothbad/

There are no plans for future Booth and the Bad Angel releases, unfortunately.

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