Boötes is a constellation between Corona Borealis and Ursa Major. It is also known as the Herdsman or the Bear Driver.

The Greeks considered Boötes to be Icarius, the father of Erigone or Erichthonius, the inventor of the chariot.

Another legend was that the constellation was Arcas, the son of Zeus and Callisto. Arcas invented the two-oxen plow and farmed as a common man. Callisto had Zeus put Arcas and his invention in the sky.

Another legend had Boötes actually being Atlas, who held up the skies. The Arabs considered Boötes to be Female Wolves with their cubs, and they called the constellation Vociferator.

Boötes is one of the oldest recorded constellations. Homer wrote of this constellation in the Odyssey.

                   _-   -_
                 _-       -_
               _-           -_
      Delta  _-               -_
     Bootes *                   * Seginus
             \                 /
              \               /
               \             /
        Mirak   *           /
                 \         /
                  \       /
                   \     /
                    \   /
                     \ /

Arcturus, the star at the bottom of Boötes, has been called the Watcher and Guardian of the Bear, and the Arabs knew Arcturus as Keeper of Heaven. Arcturus has also been called Job's Star because of a reference in the Book of Job.

Arcturus is a very bright star, the fourth brightest in the northern hemisphere. It is a gas giant, with a relatively low temperature and low density.

Bo*o"tes (?), n. [L. Bootes, Gr. herdsman, fr. , gen. , ox, cow.] Astron.

A northern constellation, containing the bright star Arcturus.


© Webster 1913.

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