An obscure Commodore 64 game, published in 1983 by Quicksilva and copyright belongs to Indescomp... Code by Pedro Ruiz and music by Felix Arribas. (I got this from Don't worry, I haven't heard of these people before, either.)

The idea of the game? Platformer from Hell. The player is a yellow space frog or something, capable of jumping farther than that guy in NES "classic" The Legend of Kage. One day, the frog goes for walk, and falls into a huge cave. Now, you need to guide this idiot frog out of the gave.

Sounds easy? It isn't. The controls are simple: Point joystick to jump direction (left or right) - the longer you keep it pushed to that direction the longer the leap will be. Try to jump up, from cave ledge to another.

Still sounds easy? It isn't. If you fall down (not particularly newsworthy), you need to start over. And beware of the dragon (the only memorable character... I was previously asking why this great thing never flew out of the cave, but then I realized the sheer amount of idiot frogs that fall in the pit, enough to keep a dragon fed for centuries) and flesh-eating monster plant in the corner.

Graphics are not really great. And music probably will make your ears bleed.

I never got up more than a few meters, but people who have had the infiniter than infinite patience (and cutters to cut the audio wire from the monitor cable) have said the game "reward" is not worth it.

I first thought the game was neat. I was happy when I could warez it from a friend. Somehow, I have not played it. =)

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