Rock song by The Sisters of Mercy in their early days. One of their best. It was later collected on Some Girls Wander by Mistake.

It is a hectic, oppressive blur of a song, filled with distortion, feedback and echo. Danceable too if you are into the goth thing.

To me it seems to be about the London Underground tube train system as emblematic of a modern urban existence - the noise, the faceless crowds, the polyglot conversations: this is babel, sensurround and the isolation and emotional sterility in contract to the physical hustle and bustle: Too much contact, no more feeling. It even sounds as if it was recorded in a tube station.

bathroom wall IMHO refers to the way in which many London tube stations are tiled like bathrooms.

faceless breathless calls may refer to inaudible, distorted anouncements over the PA.

The references to acid and indeed, the body electric may suggest that they gained this gothic insight whilst tripping by tube.

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