A variation on Ghost in the Graveyard, this is yet another game which must absolutely be played in the dark. It employs almost exactly the same rules as "Ghost", but reverses the roles of the players. One person is designated it. Instead of waiting at the base, this person runs off to hide while the other players wait at the base to count. This is where it gets tricky: the other players can no longer return to the base after they have left it. They must wait until the designated it player is seen. At this time, the player who discovered him screams "Bloody Murder!" at the top of his lungs and runs like a bat out of hell back to the base. The other players may also return to the base at this time.

The strategies involved are actually rather complicated. The it person needs to find a hiding space that is covert, but will not impede him from getting up as quickly as possible to chase after fleeing players. It is also wise to position the hiding spot where the players could walk right past it. This puts the it person between the players and the base, increasing the chances that one will get a tag. It is especially enjoyable to sneak up on a group of players with their backs turned and tag someone before the cry of "Bloody Murder!" can even be raised.

For the players, the importance of splitting up can not be stressed enough. The it person needs to be found quickly, the longer he remains hidden, the greater the chance that he has been missed and that someone is about to be pounced upon. Traveling in a group makes one's presence obvious and decreases the number of hiding spaces that can be searched.

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