At the Einstürzende Neubauten show I attended, Blixa Bargeld entertained us with speeches and explanations of the nature of the music they performed...

During the speeches a couple of frat boy types proceeded to make rude comments at the top of their lungs... Blixa became very annoyed and told them off in a mature manner, he even insinuated that we take care of the obnoxious sheep in whatever manner we choose... Almost everyone applauded when Blixa spoke, they understood his reasons. Blixa is from Germany, and such behaviour is not commonplace in other cultures as it can be here in the USA. Throughout the entirety of the show the ridiculous children were incapable of taking the hints.

Most people ignored the attention seekers and were there primarily for the music. Why the obnoxious morons spent $20 to go to the show, not to pay attention to the music is beyond me.

Despite it all, we still managed to get 2 encores from them.
Blixa's birth name is Christian Emmerich which doesn't sound as cool. The comparison to Johnny Cash isn't all that far off either, from a purely etymological standpoint: bargeld is German for "cash". Blixa is a brand of pen with a good sounding name.

Despite all that, his real, legal name is Blixa Bargeld. Even his mom calls him Blixa.

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