Background: Bitch and Animal, their real names unknown, met after a play rehearsal in Chicago, and since then have been making music as the gender-bending Bitch and Animal. 28-year-old Bitch, hailing from Detroit, plays electric bass and is classically trained in violin. 25-year-old Animal calls Brooklyn her home, and acts as a metronome on the djembes, steel drums, gongs, and various body parts. They made their debut at an art and music festival in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and quickly gained a cult following. In the fall of 1998, Bitch and Animal released their "Pussy Manifesto," the foundation for their cross-country tour, interrupted in New Orleans by an offer to open for Ani DiFranco in Amerherst, Massachusetts. The two abandoned ship and drove to Seattle, where a friend of a friend had a studio. A short while later, their debut album, "What's That Smell?" was ready for distrubution. Bitch and Animal covered the coasts and a bit of Europe throughout 1999, both on their own and with the Righteous Babe crew. In May of 2000, they began recording their second album "Eternally Hard" and finished it a year later.

Pussy Manifesto
by Bitch

Manifest this motha fucka #1:
Every living thing comes from and returns to (get it?)

Manifest this Muddafucka #2:
Let Pussy speak to me through every living thing. As all
creatures move and grow, let them bring forth the open
ness and warm ness that flows in the energy of
Pussy...the life force on which we all depend.

Manifest this Muthafucka #3:
I'm sick of my genitalia being used as an insult. Are
you? It's time to let my labia rip and rearrange this. Here
we go:
"That was so Pussy of you to help me move to my new
place! Especially since I'm living on the 13th floor. You've
really made this a Pussy move!"

Manifest this Motherfuckrr #4:
The power of Pussy could be blinding. Do not
misinterpret its strength and fear it. Do not try to control
it. It is light, rich and full of warmth. Use it wisely and with
jeweled intentions.

Manifest this Muthefucka #5:
The Egg says, "Don't forget me, Muddafucka!"
The Egg must not be understated. Let the Egg be the
symbol of all courage!
Here we go:
"Honey, that took Eggs for you to tell your customer off
for not tipping you 20%!"
The Egg, like courage, is a delicate intricate shell
surrounding ever-changing nutritious life!
Let the Egg be the teacher and the Pussy be its nest.

Manifest this Motherfuckrr #6:
Employ the Pussy!
Pay her well!

Manifest this Motherfuckrr #7:
The Pussy is a traveler! No matter where your Pussy
energy leads you, let the Pussy be your clock.
Allow the 'ticking' to be measured by
gathered and dispersed
gathered and dispersed
gathered and dispersed
one should not outweigh the other...

Manifest this Mothafucker #8:
Let Pussy manifest and let freedom sing!

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