The Birdcage Inn (or Palandaemun) is a brilliant film, a work of genius. The story itself promised a lot but it was the cinematographic (pseudo) still-pictures and visual appearance I fell in love.

The film tells about a conflict between two girls: a prostitute and a family girl. The prostitute has no choice but carry on with her profession because she has her parents and family to feed. She lives and works in a hotel called The Birdcage Inn owned by a family: Father, mother, son and daughter. The girl thinks it's a disgrace they have a prostitute around and plainly expresses her contempt. The plot goes around this conflict until girls find they have something in common and the family girl starts to understand prostitute's situation.

If you liked Hana Bi I guess you could like this one too. Furthermore, I guess the film could be very different if a spectator is familiar with Korean culture. I'm not so I had to make my own interpretations about the images used.

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