The Bimbogami (no reference to blondes whatsoever) is a rather unwelcome presence in Japanese homes (or any home, I`d imagine).

Putting it simply, a bimbogami (bimbo = being poor, poverty) (gami, a variant of kami = god, god of) is a god of poverty (as the translation implies).
Being possessed by one makes it impossible for you to not only have money, but actively destroys whatever wealth and possessions you currently own (the end result = you, perpetually destitute).

Random Tidbit: there`s a shrine dedicated to the Bimbogami in Nagano. But unlike more traditional temples/shrines, you don`t throw money into a box and pray for good luck; you kick the effigy of the Bimbogami and beat it with a stick, all the while saying "And don`t ever come back!"

Online Info for the Bimbogami Shrine:

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