These were some of the major characters, attendees and relatives that Bilbo Baggins, of Bag End, Hobbiton, invited to his last Birthday/Farewell Party in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy:

Otho Sackville-Baggins,
 his wife Lobelia (Bracegirdle)
 his son Lotho Sackville-Baggins

Odo Proutfoot (proudfeet! he declared)
 his son Olo
 his grandson Sancho

Poppy (Baggins)
 her husband Filibert Bolger

Peregrin (major character)

Meriadoc (major character)

Gilly Brownlock
 her son Ponto
    her granddaughter Angelica
 her son Porto
 her daughter Peony
    her son-in-law Milo Burrows
       her grandson Mosco
       her grandson Moro
       her grandson Minto
       her granddaughter Myrtle

Dora Baggins

Frodo Baggins (major character)

Dudo Baggins
 his daughter Daisy (Baggins)
 his son-in-law Griffo Boffin

Ferumbras Took III

Ferdinand Took

Ferdibrand Took

Relatives of (non-attendee) Adalgrim Took
 his three unnamed daughters
 his son Paladin Took II
    his daughter-in-law Eglantine (Banks)
    his granddaughter Pearl
    his granddaughter Pimpernel
    his granddaughter Pervinca
    his grandson Peregrim I
 his daughter Esmerelds (Took)
    his son-in-law Saradoc Brandybuck
    his grandson Merriadoc

Adelard Took
 his son Reginard
 his son Everard
 his three unnamed daughters

Rosamunda (Took)
 her husband Odovacar Bolger
 her son Fredegard

Rorimac "Goldfather" Brandybuck
 his son Merimac
    his grandson Berilac

Saradas Brandybuck
 his son Seradic
 his daughter-in-law Hilda (Bracegirdle)
    his grandson Doderic
    his grandson Ilberic
    his granddaughter Celendine

Marmadas Brandybuck
 his son Merimas
 his daughter Mentha
 his son Melilot

Dinodas Brandybuck

Asphodel (Brandybuck)
 her husband Rufus Burrows

Three major lines of hobbits are represented in the listing: the Took line, the Baggins line and the Brandybuck line. Last names in parenthesis are maiden names of the married female hobbits. The list is set up with the eldest relative and their line under their name.

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