Born May 2nd 1945 in Managua, Nicaragua, Bianca Jagger is perhaps best known as the first wife of rock star Mick Jagger, and mother to the fashion model Jade. She also had dated Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau. Bianca studied political science in Paris France. She was a prominent jet-set celebrity in the 1970s, a frequent patron of the Manhattan nightclub Studio 54 (for which she was part owner), and hung out a lot with Andy Warhol, Truman Capote and Steve Rubell. In the 1990s, Bianca became a social activist, campaigning for the environment and speaking for the human rights group Amnesty International, for whom she is a member of the Executive Director's Leadership Council. In 2001, Bianca Jagger held a campaign in England against AIDS. She visited Baghdad in January 2003 with a peace delegation of American academics and was a strong antiwar voice. She's also been an anti-war voice regarding the Balkans, and well to be perfectly honest she just pokes her nose in wherever she feels it belongs whether anyone else feels that or not. There are some responsibilities and perks to being an ex-wife to one of the greatest living rock and roll legends on Earth, and Bianca uses her claim to fame to great effect.

In the first ten years of her life, one could arguably say Bianca lived with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her father was a businessman who was apolitical, and her mother was a housewife who was overtly political. Naturally by the time Bianca was ten her parents had a divorce, leaving her mother to care for three young children with no marketable skills and a limited amount of child support from her father. So it was quite an eye opener for a young girl fully prepared to be pampered all her life. It took her outside of her own little world and made her realize such horrid truths as discrimination and injustice. In her youth she participated in student demonstrations against massacres perpetrated in Nicaragua. She got tear gassed and took refuge in a church. She's no stranger to the concept of peaceful resistance.

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