This is a really quick and easy recipe for a popular Indian snack that's also quite filling. Serves as many as you want, adjust the recipe. This is a heavily Westernized version so that as few ingredients as possible need to be bought at an Indian store.

1 can Chick peas (aka Garbanzo beans)
1-2 potatoes
Coriander leaves
1 tomato
1 onion
Rice Krispies
Chips (Crisps for the Brits)
Spicy Green Chutney (there's a node there!)

Open the can of Chick peas; nuke the potatoes till they're soft, skin them, and break them up into bite-sized pieces; loosely chop the coriander, the tomato and the onion; break up the chips into little pieces. Have them all easily accessible and get a bowl. Place 10-15 Chick peas in the bottom. Next, drop in 5-6 pieces of potato. Cover this all with Rice Krispies and then the powdered chips. The bowl should be nearly full at this point. Put in some of the onion, some of the tomato, and some of the coriander. Now, smother this entire thing with chutney, mix it all up, and bon appetit. Works wonders on the taste buds, the tear glands, and constipation.

For those who are acquainted with the local Indian store: replace the Rice Krispies with Bhel; they're basically the same thing (toasted rice) but the Rice Krispies are sweetened. Also, replace the powdered chips with one of the many Mixtures you'll find at the Indian store. Finally, try to find some Sweet Chutney (it'll be brownish and you can ask the proprietor if its sweet) there too, as equal amounts of sweet and green chutney make the recipe immeasurably better (and easier on the intestines, too).

One final note: the only things that are absolutely necessary in this recipe are the chutney and the Rice Krispies/Bhel. Everything else is for flavor and/or substance. You can put other things in this recipe. Little bits of apple, cloves, jalapeno peppers, and chili powder have all been known to make their way into the final concoction.

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