A rather large (19,000 students) community college in Bellevue, WA, just a few miles from Seattle and where I am currently enrolled.

It's a pretty average place. Like all community colleges the studentbody consists of three major archetypes: The middle-aged working stiff who's trying to get a new job, the high school flunkie who can't get into a real university, and those like me, the kids who got out of high school early and are taking classes to get a head start on their BS/BA.

The campus looks like this:

Facing the main entrance and parking lot is the B building. It houses some science classrooms, the bookstore, and the student services center, the place where you go to register, get counseled, etc. The A building, if you're wondering, is merely an extension to the 'B housing more classrooms mostly of a business nature.

Across the B building there is a narrow courtyard. On the other side of it is the C building. The 'C consists of three parts, the student union, the library and more classrooms. The student union consists of a cafeteria and lounge on the ground floor, and a quiet study area on the second as well as a few offices. Most of the C building's classrooms are for the Art, Humanities and Social Science departments.

Heading towards the library you reach the E, or, Entertainment building. It houses a large theatre, as well as a few studios for the music students to practice in.

Continuing on in the same direction you reach the N building, also known as the NWCET. In there most of the computer geeks at BCC hang out. There is a large open computer lab, a lecture hall or two, and classrooms for the IT department.

Teleporting back to the C building and heading in the opposite direction takes you past the planetarium housed in the B building and to the L building. The L building is the science department building, consisting of classrooms, offices and, I believe, one lecture hall.

From there you can either turn and head for the bus stop and horticulture lab, or, you can keep moving in the same direction towards the G building. The G building houses the gym, thus, it is where all the jocks are to be found.

There is also the security building here, where all the rent-a-cops go to eat donuts. There's also some new building under construction, I'm not sure what it's supposed to be, more on that later.

And now, if you're still reading, you know more about my school then you'd ever want to.

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