The Belisarius novels are an alternate history series written by David Drake and Eric Flint.

In these books, a pair of rival sentiences from our future go back in time to change the course of history. The "bad" sentience seizes control of the Malwa in India, to exploit the caste and racial structures to create a eugenics program. The "good" sentience is a crystal named Aide, which finds its way to Belisarius, who is tasked with saving the world.


The general of the Roman emperor Justinian (527-565CE). Belisarius was famed to never lose a battle.

Justinian allowed Belisarius a great amount of freedom over the military. He exploited this freedom to drastically expand the empire from 527-565CE, defeating the Vandals in North Africa, Spain, and most of Italy.

After Justinian these territories were lost by the Romans due to (1) a drain on taxes to maintain such a large army and (2) repeated rebellions and alliances.<.p>

We know much about Belisarius' conquests from the historian Procopius.

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