A syndicated comic strip created by Mort Walker. Beetle Bailey first appeared in 1950 and was the last comic strip to be approved for publication by William Randolph Hearst for King Features.

Beetle Bailey started his comic strip career as a college student from Kansas City, MO. As the United States entered the Korean War, Beetle accidently signed up for service and has served in the U.S. Army since then. Beetle is also known as being one of the few comic strip characters to appear in other strips, appearing in Hi and Lois, since he is the brother of the wife in the strip Lois Flagstaff.

Beetle has been under the command of Sgt. Orville Snorkle for the majority of his time in the service. His fellow soldiers include Julius (the nerd), Plato (the philospher), Killer (the ladies' man) and Zero (the dim one). Sgt. Snorkle is under the command of Lt. Fuzz and Lt. Flapp. The base commander of Camp Swampy is General Amos Halftrack. General Halftrack's secretary is the blonde-haired beauty Miss Buxley.

The humor in the comic strip does not generally run to biting social commentary or witty plays on words. The humor is more situational and predictable in its nature, but enjoyable as lighter fare.

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