Hi and Lois is a long running comic strip, focusing on a typical suburban family, headed by the eponymous Hi and Lois. It was created by Mort Walker and Dik Browne, and is now continued on by their progeny. The strip has been running since 1954.

Along with Hi, who has the same middle management job that all goofy, ineffectual dads have, and Lois, who is a real estate agent, the family consists of Chip, their semi-rebellious teenage son, Dot and Ditto, their squabbling elementary school children, and Trixie, the baby who likes sunbeams. Lois is also, incidentally, the sister of Beetle Bailey, and if that causes excitement for you, you need a different lifestyle.

The strip has been running since 1954, and I read it regularly when I read the newspaper comic strips. I can not think of a single memorable joke in it. This is the type of strip that has lots of jokes about lazy dads who like to play golf and nap. This is the type of strip that exemplifies the inertia of the comic strip. There is nothing notable about it at all, except for the fact that it has survived so long with so little interesting about it.

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