The Beestenmarkt is a square in Delft, that (as the name suggests) used to be the site of the cattle markets when they were still held in the city (this is not nearly as long ago as you might think, as I've actually met a 90-year old woman who could remember living there when cows and horses were still sold next to her house).

Nowadays the Beestenmarkt is the square in Delft with the largest concentration of pubs and restaurants in the entire town. In the centre of the square stands a statue that commemorates the square's history: a black-and-white pillar with a multi-coloured cow on top. The largest part of the square is elevated a bit, so traffic can go past it but not cross it. Large trees provide shadow for the tables and chairs that are placed outside in summer. Each pub has its own part of the square to cater for. This winter a skating rink was constructed in the square, with a tent selling drinks and food next to it, almost as large as the ice rink itself.

The Beestenmarkt is home to Kobus Kuch, a nice pub that serves the best apple cake with whipped cream of the Netherlands. Kobus' terrace must be one of the best places to spend a hot Dutch summer's day!

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