A member of the Heroes of Lallor.

Iishu Nor is the real name of Beast Boy. His parents were exposed to radiation during an atomic accident that destroyed the continent of Antillar on the planet Lallor. When Iishu was born, he possessed the ability to turn into any animal in the galaxy. Dubbed Beast Boy, Iishu joined with four other youth with extrodinary powers to become the Heroes of Lallor.

Beast Boy's ability to transform into any animal in the galaxy made him sympathetic to the plight of animals that are hunted. Finally, Beast Boy turns his back on humanity, leading a group of animals against the hunters and trappers of his world. This brought Beast Boy into conflict with Legion of Super-Heroes. When one of the animals Beast Boy had freed threatens the life of a little girl, Beast Boy sacrifices his own life to save her. For this action, Beast Boy is remembered as a hero rather than a villain.

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