I have been down to the coast
to breathe the sea air
and swim in the ocean
I've kicked wet sand from my heels
and pulled seaweed from my hair

At night, the saloons
are filled with music
Starched cowboys croon across the
street from mayhem-raged headbangers
A piano man competes
with the blues jam two bars down

An old man stands on a darkened pier
and rages at the universe
Near him lies a boy with a bloody knee
He plays a harmonica slowly
laboring through an improvised bit of nonsense

A boy and a girl sit on the beach
and watch the moon in the water

Miles offshore
a man drowns

Before the night ends
most of the musicians have joined the blues jam
the old man has bandaged the boy's knee
the boy and girl have gone home together

I have returned to the motel
and fallen asleep without washing
the sand off my feet

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