compiled overview of the 85 ton BLR-1G BattleMaster 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

Even during the Star League era, the number of manufacturers capable of building a 'Mech like the BLR-1G BattleMaster was limited. After they won the bid to construct the 'Mech, Hollis Industries began production of the BattleMaster in 2830. Designed to be the largest and most powerful 'Mech ever fielded by the Star League armies, the BLR-1G filled the bill.

The 'Mech's sheer size required special manufacturing facilities, which meant Hollis Industries could build the BattleMaster on only a few planets. The cost and materials for the 'Mech also limited production somewhat.

The firepower that the BattleMaster can generate in one volley is staggering and more than deadly at close range. The reliable Donall PPC is its main weapon, with the laser systems as close support fire.

The BattleMaster is one of the few 'Mechs equipped with rear firing weapons. It has two Martell medium lasers providing protection from the rear. The 'Mech is also equipped with machine guns against infantry attacks. The bulk of the ammunition for the SRMs and the machine guns is stored in one location, however, which at times results in internal explosions.

Even if the BattleMaster loses all its weapons, it still has its manipulative hands. In emergencies, it can disengage the Donal PPC in order to have both hands free.

Though BattleMasters were not produced in great numbers, their sheer size, armor, and firepower have left many still functional despite the numerous battles they have fought in their nearly 200 years in the field. Further, the 'Mech's basic design has proved to be sound and reliable, with few flaws.

The attacks on Hollis Industries during the First Succession War brought production of the BattleMaster to a virtual stop. The fighting Houses each grabbed the finished 'Mechs that were available, incorporating them into their respective forces. As BattleMasters were rare, it became unusual ever to find them fighting side-by-side.

During the battle for St. Andre in 2920, the three Houses of Marik, Liao, and Davion faced off. In making their bid to take the refinery stations near the city of Malta, elements of the Davion Guards' heavy regiment were equipped with the massive BattleMasters. Two lances, each with one BattleMaster, led the attack against the heavily defended refinery. Five lances of light recon 'Mechs fell quickly to the firepower of the two heavily armed attack groups, and Davion took the refinery for the moment.

The Davion planet Crossing was the site of another historic BattleMaster confrontation, in which elements of the NAIS Training Cadre on temporary assignment took on elements of House Kurita's 2nd regiment of the Sword of Light. In this case, there were several minor BattleMaster vs. BattleMaster encounters. Though the fights were not decisive, the raw firepower of these 'Mechs was truly put to the test in battle against one other.

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