The perfect digestif.

This is a recipe for a fantastic liquor that I picked up in Italy. Basil is very good for an upset stomach, and a shot of this liquor after a meal should soothe the stomach. Italians like to drink basil liquor mostly after lunch during late summer (as the basil is best then).

Now naturally, I expect you to say "Yuck!" at even the prospect of such a liquor. I did, as did all my friends, and yet curiosity took the better of me. So I made it. And it's quite superb.

Boil the water. Put the washed, fresh basil leaves in the water, in a covered jar, and leave for a day. The water will now be a greenish yellow. Filter using a fine filter. Add the alcohol and sugar. Bottle. And that's it!

Usually liquors have a long preparation time. Airtight bottles need to be left in the sun for several months, then filtered and left in the shade for several more. The great thing about this liquor is that it's so simple to make. And so good on your stomach!

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