Barney and Friends is now in it's 10th year on PBS. This node is fulfilling the fact that I am researching TV shows for my 2 year old God-son, and was hoping E2 had the info, and it didn't so I'm going to node it for any other parents or person who's looking for information on children's television!

Barney and Friends does not have the best rap with many parents - due to all the singing, dancing and jolliness they display on the - TV - it's referred to as 'gay' meaning by definition being too joyous.

For children though Barney is great! On the TV show they have dancing, coloring, singing, story-time, games - everything that could keep the ornary little-one occupied for for about an hour.

Barney and Friends also has an interactive website which coloring pages can be printed off from, songs played via the computer that are featured also on the show, and also has show synopsises and lesson plans to go along with the shows.

I never thought that Barney and Friends could be what it is, I remember making fun of people who wore purple gym outfits in high school as 'Barney' and what not. But it's definelty a good recommendation for the parents that 'ban' Barney because of they're personal opinions, I think it's a show that would be very beneficial not what i even know more about it.

If you would like to either listen to any of the songs or print off stories or coloring pages visit: and go to PBS for kids. One of the best benefits that, at least in Ohio, PBS is on local TV and one does not need cable television to view it. PBS also has other quality shows of many a variety of topics.

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