When I know my time is near, or when I think it's about time I left, I'll have a big party, but not a loud party with dancing and bruskies. A quiet, happy, contemplative party.

I'll have friends sing songs and give speeches about our mutual history, and I will tell each one how much I valued their friendship and how much I will always love them.

In this happy manner I'll spend the entire day, with good food, music, fine wine and conversation. Then, just as te sun is beginning to set, I will stand up and bid my friends and family farewell. I will raise my cup, and they will raise theirs, and we will all drink together, and my cup will be poisoned.

And as the sun sets over the horizon, I will close my eyes, with the sound of my loved ones wishing me a happy journey and telling me how much they love me in my ears.

That's how I'd like to go.

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