The very best non-authentic, semi-fast mexican food on the planet. Possibily one of the very best things about living in Southern California, along with the fantastic weather and fantastically good looking women of all races. In the interest of fairness, my straight female and gay male friends tell me that the men are good looking as well. And it's true, when I fly home to Virginia, it's as if the place has just been blitzed in an ugly-gas attack.

Back to Baja Fresh, tho. According to their own marketing, "No cans, no lard, no MSG." Apparently, nothing is frozen either. All the ingredients for the day come in in the morning. Plus, there is the occasionally imitated, never equalled "all you care to eat" fresh salsa bar. The food, from the very fresh fish tacos and piping hot burritos, is almost universally good.

If they can successfully scale up operations, then everyone in the US is in for a big treat. However, the idea of a delicious fish taco while I freeze my ass off in Minot, North Dakota just doesn't have the same ring of the sublime.

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